Student's School Clubs

Art Club:

The Art Club is a creative extracurricular experience open to fourth and fifth graders. Members of the Art Club will create unique two and three-dimensional artworks.


These students are the voices and music that come together to instill inspiration, motivation, and spread strong prideful school spirit throughout the school year and community events of the city.


These group of students are an intricate part of the drumline. They are the beautiful complimentary side that brings the beats of the drummers alive visually. Both are one entity and moves as one entourage in being ambassadors to the school.

Drumline Club:

Drumline is a special afterschool program created and designed for students to be the ambassadors for the school but also to shape, mold, inspire and mentor our students in a different way.

Humanity Club:

Humanity Club is sponsored by The Humanity Project ( Using original arts-based activities and materials, the Humanity Club teaches the values of “equality for each, respect for all.”  Fifth grade students work on leadership skills, including public speaking, and create art and presentations that instill respect for the goodness and inherent value of every human being.

Journalism Club:

The journalism club teaches students the importance of writing. The students research and design a newsletter with the schools current and important events.

No Place for Hate/Kids Care Club: 

We have merged two clubs that work towards a similar goal. Our club works to engage students in an active learning community of kindness, inclusivity, positivity, and respect. We create activities to engage our school and give back to our community.

Morning Announcements:

The morning announcements at PPCES-FSU helps to cultivate our school's culture and community. It is a common place where staff and students can receive the same messages in an upbeat manner. The morning announcement club is made up of anchors, reporters, videographers, directors, camera assistants, audio and visual technicians, editors, and script writers. The club members learn communication skills, such as writing and public speaking, collaboration, problem solving, and leadership skills. Our purpose is to empower our students to take ownership of their school's culture and community.

Safety Patrol: 

Safety Patrols are a select group of Fifth Graders who are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students at our school. The program promotes citizenship, leadership, service, and responsibility.

Student Council:

Student Council is a unique group of students who demonstrate strong leadership skills.   These students make a yearlong commitment to plan and execute various school-sponsored events, such as bake sales, Valentine’s Day festivities, and food and toy drives.  Beyond event planning, Student Council members also serve as ambassadors for external visitors and organizations and bring up their peers’ concerns at their meetings. Participating in the Student Council is an excellent opportunity for students to cultivate teamwork, responsibility, and a strong sense of good citizenship.

TV Production

FSU TV Production club is focused on helping students become good public speakers while using their own creative talents to produce videos that captivates and excites all audiences.